Galvac support GPL Special Projects in new drain installation works

Vacuum excavation roadworks

One of Galvac’s vacuum excavation units has been working on the new Heysham bypass in support of GPL Group’s Special Projects division.

The scaffold structure which can be seen in the photograph above (with the new A6 diversion and bridge abutment visible in the background) is supporting a bank of services 3.0m wide. These included a 225mm water main, a 450mm water main, 6no HV electric ducts, 9 no BT ducts and 2no Cable TV (fibre optic ducts). GPL’s task was to carry out temporary works to allow the installation of a 750mm diameter drain 5.0m deep to cross below the existing services.

Our vacuum excavation unit was used to excavate locally around the services to expose a 1.0m clear zone all round prior to mechanical excavation. This is an excellent example of how vacuum excavation can be used in conjunction with conventional excavation methods to carry out more delicate operations before utilising traditional plant.